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Who are we ?

About Us

C2 Startups is powered by C2 Angels. We are an opportunity portal for entrepreneurs and founders wanted to explore potential sources of capital to facilitate the growth of their startup.

We understand how challenging it is for startups to raise money while trying to build and operate their business. Our suite of solutions enhances and expedites the fund-raising journey, enabling startups to become investment ready and allowing founders to focus on being founders.

Our Guiding Principles

Ideas, talent + capital

Bringing these three elements together is what creates the magic. C2 is the nexus of these ingredients to make big business dreams a reality.

Everything starts somewhere

The greatest of companies and fortunes can always be traced back to a beginning point.

Success leaves clues

C2 has aggregated proven elements conducive to enhancing the success of founders and their startups.

What we do ?


Every business opportunity is unique. Therefore, when it comes to running a seed capital raise campaign we believe, based on experience, it requires a tailoring of services to the needs of the specific startup. Through leveraging a systemised process, our team of seasoned business leaders and analysists objectively review each investment opportunity to empower founders with tangible outcomes.

At C2 we want to encourage and enable all of the next generation of entrepreneurs that will help build the future economy regardless of whether or not we choose to work together. For this reason, participants of C2 Startups Investment Ready program can expect to receive honest and transparent feedback, as we understand how difficult building a successful business can be. Whether or not C2 Capital takes a lead investment, we aim to add value to startups by filling the gaps in their business.

Capital Pathway ™

C2 Angels’ unique approach to capital raising for ventures empowers both investors and entrepreneurs with a streamlined approach to high-value exits.

Integrated Capital Pathway - Seed

Our 5 steps to success

The Process

Step 1.

Connect with us.

Fill out the contact form with the base information we need require to understand your business and how we can help.

Step 2.

Complete a
business discovery.

Upon completion of our initial questionnaire, our business analysts will invite you to do a one on one business discovery session. Here, we will gain a greater understanding of your business and ultimately suggest the opportunity that C2 Startups provides your business.

Step 3.

Participate in the
investment ready program.

Every startup is unique – our Investment Ready Program is tailored to each startup accordingly. Within the Program there are two key areas that we focus on:

Step 4.

Become capital
raise ready.

There are three outcomes upon the completion of our investment ready program:

Step 5.

Launch your
capital raise campaign.

If there is traction from either C2 Capital or the angel network, C2 Angels will support the capital raise required to bring your business dreams to fruition. Our unique Integrated Capital Pathway ensures that C2 will be there to support startups through the lifetime of the capital raises.

Core Investment requirements

  • Market sentiment analysis
  • Data Room
  • Investment terms

Ancillary services

  • Marketing
  • Branding and image
  • Media production
  • Business and legal

C2 Capital becomes a lead investor

After being reviewed by the investor committee, C2 Capital takes a lead investing position in the capital raising round.

Investment opportunity circulation

C2 Capital do not wish to become a lead investor in the capital raising campaign. The investment opportunity will be subsequently offered to C2’s angel investor network.

Providing startups with what they need

In the scenario that neither C2 Capital invest nor is there market interest from C2’s angel investor network, we provide companies with the advise and documentation on how they can aim to raise capital moving forward.

Our Network

C2 Ecosystem

C2 startups is a part of a suite of companies aiming to solve industry problems, capitalise on market opportunities and pioneer innovative business solutions.

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C2 Capital is an Australian and Asian focused Private Equity investment firm that focuses on value creation opportunities.

C2 Angels

C2 Angels is a national community of angel investors and entrepreneurs developing innovative businesses.

iVentures Studio

iVentures provides entrepreneurs with strategic support to incubate and invest in technology businesses globally.


ideasworx is a creative agency that brings together creativity and technology to develop remarkable brand solutions.

Aurum Private Wealth

We provide sophisticated international clients with access to investment immigration and wealth management.

Umbrella Health

An industry distruptor, Umbrella Health offers premium, consumer-focused and technology-driven healthcare solutions.

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Being a founder is one of the hardest things you can do. At C2 Startups, our focus is to handle the hassle of raising so that founders can focus on being founders.